Sunday, 23 February 2020

Nipigon Museum ...All About Us

See and hear how the Nipigon Museum came to be.

These videos are on the Nipigon-Historical-Museum  facebook page

If this link does not get you there you can just Google " Nipigon Museum Videos"  and get to us that way.
That will also give you  Destination Nipigon as a choice  which is our video tour of the evolving Nipigon community. And it is full length video on YouTube, for now, and may get put up in sections on the museum Facebook page as well.
All these videos are made by local Thunderstryker Films, Dee McCullay.  He has some good Drone shots of our area and lately of the new Nipigon Highway Bridge and Nipigon River taken just yesterday, Feb. 22, 2020.

Thunderstryker Films does  Paranormal films; Bigfoot films (Sasquatch); UFO  films (Northern Lights is the title of that if I recall correctly,,,sightings in our area over the years) . Some of his films are on YouTube but I think he has set up his own site. (I'm a big help, aren't I)

Back to Nipigon of Many Pasts  It is 14 Parts anywhere from eight minutes to 20 minutes.
We were fortunate to get a New Horizons for Seniors Federal Grant under the title Nipigon Narrations their voice in History  .
We did the two video tours and fifty plus Interviews, and identified hundreds of people in old photographs.(Show and Tell)

The Interviews will likely be put on our Facebook page The Interviews were done by two local residents and then edited by Thunderstryker Films.

Back to our Nipigon Museum video tour call "Nipigon of Many Pasts"

Part one  opens with the Museum Statement of Purpose read by retired Curator Director Roland Choiselat as the camera enters the museum and then continues on in a silent tour through the museum to give you an idea of ALL our displays.
The next Part 2 has Roland and his wife Elvie and myself (current Curator) talking about how we all got involved in creating the museum.  Because it was a creation from an idea to reality fifty years ago. About a twenty minute chit-chat around the table,

Part 3 is all about "Paddle to the Sea" display...the book by Holling Clancey Holling ,1941, inspires many young people to build canoes and throw them in the Nipigon River (where HCH's little canoe started its journey through the Great Lakes waterway to the Atlantic Ocean.)  If you view the video Destination Nipigon you will get this amazing Drone-view of Nipigon's Paddle to the Sea Park.

Part 4 is me talking about our Lithics, Pottery and Copper artefacts.  My statement / conjecture of how some copper tools may have been made has got me in trouble with a Minnesota I've got to find where I read about that(as I didn't just make it up...I read it or I heard it. If I heard it that's going to be harder to prove)...30 plus centuries ago a people lived right here where our community of Nipigon stands today, and used copper tools. The lithic (stone) tools people  go back 50 to 70 centuries. We ourselves are still in the single digits.

Part 5 introduces you to Mr. Nipigon, Jimmy McCullough, a life-long Nipigon resident who livens up our Museum when he gets to talking.  Here he tells about The Hudson's Bay Company  in Nipigon over the years. By far the most popular viewing of all our Parts so far.

Part 6 tells the story of the Ombabika Compass and the boat Ombabika that navigated the waters of Lake Nipigon from 1906 till it sunk in Jumbo's Cove in 1936.
This part has a name flub that gets edited out in the version I didn't put up...which I will in the next while. Pushed the wrong icon. Duh.

Part 7 is Jimmy again talking about our Nipigon Dairies and milk in glass bottles and the existence of "Dragon Milk."

Part 8  is me with a little talk about our multi-cultures with Finnish being the culture on display.

Part 9  has Jimmy talking about the Catholic Church BELL and Foley who donated it. Then he moves on to the large photos and paintings of Nipigon Bay viewed from where the "new viewing tower" is over the years. He shows where the Rock paintings are located, the Hudson's Bay Company dock, the Mud Flats (little settlement at the waterfront area) and the CNR causeway that changed the Nipigon River in 1910.

Part 10 has Jimmy again with his views about our Military display , the Indigenous people as soldiers for Canada.

Part 11 has Jimmy in his element as he takes you "down the Nipigon river" following the displayed video "Nipigon River Then And Now" and huge wall map showing what the Nipigon River looked like before and after the hydro dams went in and flooded the River of Glory.  He matches a "Nipigon Trails" video from YOUTUBE, playing on a side monitor to where it would take place on the wall map. I'm glad we got him in action for this Tour. This also gets into the World Record Brook Trout catch of 1915, which is sort of central to our whole Fishing Hall of Fame area exhibit.

Part 12 is back to me telling about how the Museum got the Beardmore Viking.Relic replicas and a bit about their history.

Part 13  is a narration from a 2006 Interview of a lady explaining how she got her hair done using our Museum "Hair Curler" when she was young..

Part 14 shows up twice because I missed the edited version the first time I put it up.  This is a new display arriving at the museum just as we were finishing the filming. It is an RCMP uniform . (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) If you don't see me opening the box  you will have to view the second Part 14.

And That's It. Enjoy.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Beardmore Relics replica dispaly

Video tour of Nipigon Historical Museum  shows Beardmore Viking Relics display with a short talk.
Nipigon of Many Pasts
made through a New Horizons for Seniors grant 2019-2920

These videos are too large for Blog post so I have them on the Nipigon Historical Museum Facebook page.

Nipigon of Many Pasts...Video Tour all 14 parts

Nipigon of Many Pasts video tour of Nipigon Historical Museum done in 14 parts
All parts now up on Nipigon Historical Museum Facebook page

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Nipigon Museum Video Tour 2019-2020 part 2 and part 3

Nipigon of Many Pasts part two is conversation with myself, Roland and Elvie about the Nipigon Museum runs about 20 minutes.

Part Three is about our Paddle to the Sea display and how it came to be.  It shows a little boy that came to Nipigon to launch HIS Paddle Two the Sea canoe into the Nipigon River.
All at same link to our museum Facebook page as the video is too big to put on the Blog.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Nipigon Historical Museum video tour part one

Since this video is too large to upload to Blog I have it on Facebook.
This is the beginning segment of the museum tour.
 It starts with our Mission Statement then quietly walks you through the museum.
 The next segments that will be put up talk about how we started and then go to individual exhibits and talk about them.
This is part of our Nipigon  Narrations their voice in History project funded by New Horizons for Seniors grant 2019-2020.
Destination Nipigon was the video tour of Nipigon.
We are just finishing the Interviews part.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Destination Nipigon Explained...expanded content

From the New Horizons  grant for Seniors Project: Nipigon Narrations their voice in History
A Nipigon Historical Museum Project: Video Tour of Nipigon
Created and Produced by Dee McCullay of Thunderstryker Films
Uploaded as a Full Version to his YouTube Channel, it runs one hour and 14 minutes.
This Fall the Museum hopes to get its own Channel on YouTube and we will be able to put the 38 Sections up as stand-alone segments, as we will be limited to 15minute max time slots.
Destination Nipigon:
Introduction to the Nipigon
History in Print and Photography
The Fur Trade at Nepigon 1858
1871 Names in the Nepigon
Rebellion and Railway
McKirdy’s to Museum
McKirdy/Vivonne House 1887
The Churches 1888
The Cemeteries and Elliott’s Funeral Home
The Taylor House to the Normandie
First School and downhill 1898
Revillon to Rexall
Salo’s Pool Room 1900
The International Hotel
Old Jail and Doctor’s Office
Skandia House
The Delaronde/Dampier House 1910
The Nipigon Inn
First Post Office
The Ovilio 1920’s
Everett’s Store to the Plaza Theatre
Classicut and Nipigon General Store
Bowling in Bellin’s
The Mudflats to the Little Mill
Third Street Chinese Restaurant
Across the Tracks 1920’s
Nipigon Service Garage
Consumer’s Co-Op 1926
Ski Factory to Home
Nipigon River Bridge
Nipigon Café
Motors to Mac’s
Nipigon Memorial Hospital 1948
Ranta’s Boarding House
The Cenotaph