Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016


I figure we pulled in 27,500 PAGEVIEWS in the year 2015.
Sometime this year we may make the 100,000 mark. Wouldn't that be loverly.

Major readers this past month of December were : United States, Canada, Russia and Germany.
Following them were : Ukraine, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Finland and Australia.

Thank You.

People checking the de la Ronde history and the Death Records Posts were the major users in December.

Some of the Fishing Shows that taped some events at our Nipigon Historical Museum this past summer as we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Catching the World Record Brook Trout in 1915 have aired on TV.

Travis Lowe's "Finding Fontinalis" has a trailer out but the documentary wont show until next fall.

The cable-stayed Nipigon River Bridge has its first two lanes open while they dismantle the old bridge and set the next two lanes in place..

Less than a foot of snow on the ground and the temperature has not dropped below zero degrees F.
(-18 C).
One robin was seen during our Christmas Bird Count.