Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lars Oscar (L.O.) Larson

While working on the Northern Trans-continental Railway construction , 1909, Lars Oscar (known as L.O.) Larson suffered an accident in which he lost his leg. Unable to do construction work he moved to Port Arthur and started a restaurant in the Scandinavian Boarding House. It is believed that in later years he went back to Sweden.

The Nipigon Historical Museum has had a research request to see if we can find out anything more about this man and his life.


  1. Hello
    I am looking for information on some of my relatives who used to own the Scandinavian Boarding House in Port Arthur, Thunder Bay. Does anyone know this place? Does it still excist? Is the house still there? My swedish relatives moved to Thunder Bay in 1910 and got married there.
    They ran the SBH between 1911-1914.
    (190-192 Cumberland Street North in Port Arthur). I have looked at google maps and there seem to be a Subway restaurant nearby...does anyone know if they built new houses on that spot?
    My grandmothers aunts name was Anna Matilda Larsson and she married Oscar Freeberg (Friberg). Does anyone know these two names or could tell me anythinhg more about them? Did they have children. Does the children still live? Does anyone know if they stayed in Thunder Bay? Please help me...I have been looking for a long time now and will be eternally grateful for any help. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Thank you! ♡

    1. I found info regarding this book, "Swedes in Canada: Invisible Immigrants" that there was a Gust Freeberg in Graham in1943. Graham is west of Thunder Bay. There is mention of Oscar born in Sweden and also of Anna and he running the Scandia house. Mention is made of a Nick Pappas who donated information to the Thunder Bay Museum regarding the family, This is from S. Fagan on the museum Facebook page after I posted your letter. Betty Brill Curator Nipigon Museum. There was a Friberg in Nipigon some years back.

  2. Hi there! My 2nd great grandparents are Oscar and Annie Freeberg from Thunder Bay who ran the boarding house. I know for sure they had a child named Sigrid Freeberg as that was my grandmothers mom! Is the Lars Larson you speak of here the same one who is father to Anna Matilda Freeberg? Would you be able to email me if you have anymore information about about Oscar and Annie?! I too am on a search for info about them!! Thanks,