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Sometime around 1944
Site for the proposed Red Cross Hospital in Nipigon.
John Salo contributed three building lots  and  a large monetary donation.

Laying the cornerstone.
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Quote enclosed in cornerstone: "We fervently pray that in the years between February 15, 1948 and the time when this script comes to light again, the hospital for which the committee and the people as a whole have struggled will have eased the suffering and brought comfort to all those of Nipigon and the district and their descendants who made it possible."
John Salo, standing, 1948
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The Nipigon Red Cross Hospital opened in 1949 .
Thanks to the Building Committee of 1944:
 Henry Swain, Chairman
Mrs. E.C. Everett
Mrs. H. Minnie
Mr. B. Manson
Mr. E. Corner
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Nipigon Memorial Red Cross Hospital, 1950
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In 1955 the Red Cross transfer of the Outpost Hospital to a Corporation was the topic of the day.

Application was made to incorporate the Nipigon District Hospital.

January 9, 1956 - 7:00 o'clock in the evening:

"The Chairman advised the meeting that the Corporation had been incorporated with a view to acquiring all of the assets of the Nipigon Memorial Hospital presently being operated by the Canadian Red Cross Society in the Township of Nipigon. He stated that the Canadian Red Cross Society has now prepared to transfer all of the undertaking known as the Nipigon Memorial Hospital to the Corporation."

Original members represented : Red Rock, Nipigon, Cameron Falls and Rossport

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