Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Variety pack. Abitibi scrapbook, Tom Ratz
Nipigon Museum Archives (digital)


  1. Betty,

    I was proofing the links on the LENAPE LAND, blog when the word "OGIMA" caught my eye.

    There is an "OGIMA" in Wynland (VINLAND) of West. [Wynland of West was located in the Westen area of Becker County, MN.]

    Originally, "OGIMA" meant "High Man" in Old Norse. Americans tell us that "Ogima" means "Chief."

    "Wynland" means "Fine Land--land that is find smooth and cleared of trees. That those words describe Becker County, MN where another Viking Sword was found in 1911.

    The Lenape from Greenland were trying to get from James Bay to Wynland of West when Paul Knudson had a boat wreck near Beards mor. "Beards Mor" may have meant "Broken Norse" in Old Norse.