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This is a French Translation that L.M. "Buzz" Lein acquired ... author unknown.

"Histoires du Notariat au Canada - Depuis La Fondation del la Colonie jus qu'a nos jours - par J. Edmond Ray - docteur des lettres de l' Universite Laval de Quebec. Membre di la Societe Royal du Canada. Membre di la Chambre des Notairis de la province de Quebec - Directeur di la Revvue du Notariat - Levis.  Imprime a la Revue du Notariat 1900."

starting page 309 :

" Let us pause an instant on the above name de la Rondes. Michael Gaspard Thibaudiere de la Ronde, admitted L - the - Notariat the 28th November, 1825, belonging to the family Denis de la Ronde which was prominent in the Millitary of the Colonial Armies. That family belonged to good nobility according to the certificate given them in 1688 by the Intendant - Duchesneau."


"The family de la Ronde had its days of splendour, but like many others of that epoch, it also had its days of sadness and misery."

"In 1733, the king had granted L - one of the - ancestors, namely, Louis Denis de la Ronde the beautiful Seigneurie of Lacolle on the banks of the river Chambly. Some 10 years later it passed into the family of Daniel Lienard de Beaujou without one really knowing the reason for it."

"The family de la Ronde also possessed formerly in Quebec, considerable properties and according to reliable reports, among others the property where at present the protestant cemetery of St. Mathieu on St. Jean Street in the suburb of the same name is situated. It appears that on account of the fault of an unfaithful attorney that last property passed into the hands of the Crown and that the sale price was part of the disaster."

"In 1829, the notary Thibaudiere de la Ronde put it in his head L - rebuild his coat of arms and L - try L- recuperate the possessions which ill fortune of time had removed from his relatives. Once, this idea well established, he worked unremittingly, he digged (dug) into the Registry Offices and the archives, everywhere he made researches. God only knows how many doors he had L - knock on in order L - retrace the genealogies and L - dig up the ancient titles. Few would continue at such an arduous task because success does not crown the efforts."

"De la Ronde used his time, his health and the little means which he could have had for that chase after the heritage and which for him became a pleasant and inoffensive mania. During the Legislative assembly of Quebec which took place at 1974 - 75, we saw Gaspard de Coligny Denis de la Ronde,  Notary present a petition in which he demanded a decree confirming the rights and titles for himself and his brothers in regard to the Fief and Seigneuries de Lacalle."

"This Gaspard di Coligny de la Ronde, if it is the same man, because with the years he took another mania, that of changing his name and titles. Born at the beginning of the century, towards 1806, in the parish of Ste. Anne do Belevue, near Montreal, from the marriage of Louis Denys and Marie-Louise King and baptized under the name of Thibaudiere de la Ronde, he took in succession the "brass" became Denys de la Ronde, then  Gaspard de Coligny. When we encountered him the first time in 1888 at the bottom of one of the dusty cubicles of the Registry office in Quebec he recited his last and first names as follows. Pierre Alexandre Denys Thibaudiere Denis de la Ronde and he added modestly, former Duke of St. Simon."

"Thibaudiere de la Ronde was then 82 years and 4 months old. He was a very well preserved old man and really had a grand air. The way he held his snuff box, inhaled the pinch of snuff and then removed a speck from his coat collar was in such a manner worthy of the Ante Chamber of Versailles."

"When he heard that we were in the profession of Archaeology, he started the conversation as with an old lost comrade suddenly found again. It was then that he told us, the history of his family, the robberies of which they had been victims, his researches perseveringly carried on for sixty years, how he had consulted 100 lawyers, he quoted us many names as Duval, the McCartty's, the Bouchettes, the Moquin, the Stuart and how he spent more than 1000 louis expense."

"This man had an amazing memory for names and dates and he gave it to us without hesitation, judgement of courts, acts of notaries all he reviewed."

"What surprised us more over was the facillity with which this old man unravelled to us the genealogies of the principal families of the country. Evidently he specialized in this and he showed us his own genealogy - a manuscript of some 30 pages and which he always carefully carried with him like a palladium (meaning a security or safeguard)."

"Alas, after all that work, all that research, he needed just one more paper, only one miserable paper to complete his dossier and the fortune would be his. He then accused the burocrats, the Grants, the Lymburners and the Lewwlls to have stolen that document."

"Thus it is that Thibaudiere de la Ronde led a life of dreams and illusions, aspiring towards the day when he finally would put his hand to that paper which always eluded him. He died in 1888 in Ste. Cecile de Valleyfield."

"One can understand how de la Ronde with his ideas, neglected a little the serious clients to play the profession of notary. During some time he belonged to that catagory of travelling notaries because for a certain number of years he stayed in the parish of Ste. Marthe in county of Vaudreuil, where he cultivated miserably a piece of land poorer than his landlord. He also worked at St. Andre - Avillon near Argenteuil."

"The records of Denis de la Ronde ar deposited at Ste. Scholastique, district of Therrebonne."

end of the document that is in the Nipigon Museum Archives de la Ronde File.

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