Wednesday, 22 January 2014



There was Everettville up by the Petro that was owned by E. C. Everett and he bought all of the old buildings from Pine Portage and he made his little town. He was an entrepreneur and he had houses which he rented up there and he could turn a buck out of anything which I am sure was all honest money. You never could go into E. C. ' s store and just look around, you seemed to come out with at least a pair of shoelaces or something like that.

I can remember eating up at Pine Portage because we used to eat before we opened the bank out there and they had been blasting and a rock came through the ceiling of the dining hall.

Petro = Petro Canada gas station corner of highway 11/17 and Cameron Falls  Road that extends to Pine Portage/ lake Nipigon access.

up there = elevation is higher than downtown Nipigon

E. C. 's store would have been on Front Street Nipigon

Pine Portage = dam site construction community

Everettville - no longer in existence.

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