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de la Ronde LETTERS -" Buzz" to Ida Schneider 1976

From the Nipigon Historical Museum Archives de la Ronde file

Letter from L.M. "Buzz" Lein  January 7, 1976

Dear Mrs. Schneider;

Late last year I came into contact with an incomplete file on the de l Rondes in which some interest was shown in the Nipigon de la Rondes.  Also in the file was a name - yours- and it was an accident that the name was there apparently.  Anyway to make a long story short, I too am interested in the de la Rondes of Nipigon and I have first hand knowledge of them.

I was in Thunder Bay over Christmas and idly inquired of Gerrie Noble, the curator of the Thunder Bay Museum where he got this file in the first place.  He thought vaguely that he had gotten it from Mrs. Kelly on S- Ave.  I promptly phoned Mrs. Kelly. Yep.  She knew all about the file and what was more important to me she knew your address.

Before I get all tangled up - I am a retired woodsman who has spent many many years in the Nipigon area.  I know the people and they know me so that I have no communication difficulties.  I am also collecting whatever I can about the Nipigon area and have acquired a considerable amount of data.

If you are still historically minded and if you still have your Nipigon notes, it would be a pleasure for me to talk to you.  I also have some info about the de la Rondes of Nipigon.  In the file I saw noted where you sent a registered letter to Benedict Wawia of Nipigon.  Poor Benedict is dead now but you scared the hell out of him with that letter.

Yours truly,

L.M. "Buzz" Lein

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