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So reads the headline in AUGUST  9, 1915 Fort William Daily Times Journal


The glory of having caught the biggest speckled trout that has ever been hooked, belongs now, without a doubt to Dr. Cook, of Fort William.

Fishermen believe it is the Largest Fish of Its Kind Ever Caught in the World

For fifteen minutes after the fish was landed the Indians who were with him maintained a discreet silence, and then one of them said: " You have the biggest trout ever caught in the world."


Ottawa experts Pronounce Fish Genuine After Examining Its Contour and Markings

Even the lucky fisherman had his doubts as to the species to which this leviathan among trout  belonged, and he sent the skin down to friends in Ottawa to submit to the Dominion experts.  John Byrnes, father of R. J. and E. F. Byrnes, of this city, submitted it to the inspector, and this morning Dr. Cook received official confirmation of it being a true speckled trout in the following letter:

"In connection with the fish caught in the Nipigon River, the skin of which you left at the fisheries exhibit room for the purpose of determining its species, I may say that I am convinced it is a speckled trout.  The square tail, short head and the abrupt curve of the lateral line all go to show this . The absence of the pink markings on the sides does not count for much, as many of the large, and old fish lose these markings."

Yours truly,
Alex Finlayson, Inspector of fish hatcheries

Post Card of World Record Brook Trout
14.5 pounds
Thanks to Art Gunnell for bringing this clipping in to the Nipigon Museum today.

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