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Honor Roll

This List Complied
December 1, 1942.

With Canadian Army Overseas

Gnr. A. A. Kivisto

No, 1, C.A.R.U., R. C. A.

PTE. GEO. Chaboyer

28th Co`y, C. F. C.

CPL. E, J. Blanchette

16thn Co`y C. F. C.

PTE.  O.. W. Steen
16th Co`y C. F. C.

PTE. UNTO. Rajala

5th Co`y, C. F. C.

PTE. R. T. LaRush

16th Co`y, C. F. C., M.P.O.

PTE. David Gordon

19th Co`y , C. F. C.


20th Co`y, C. F. C.

PTE. Lawrence Obrey

4th Field Ambulance

PTE. E, McCallum

20th Co`y, C. F. C.

PTE. James Wesley

23rd Co`y, C. F. C.

LAC. W. A. Fraser

P.M, A.&B. Block, I.D.H.

SGT. C. Stickney

37th Field Battery

BDR. John DeLardonde

37th Field Battery

L/BDR, Reild, Ashley

37th Field Battery

TRPR. R. J. Simmons

No. 327, Strathcona Horse

PTE. GEO. Morriseau

28th Co’y, C.F.C.

CPL. Roxy Roche

H.Q., C.F.C.

J. P. Gerlach

R.C.A.F. Overseas

PTE. Will Backman

16th Co’y, C.F.C.

PTE. Clyde Patton

23rd Co’y, C.F.C.

PTE. N. K. Gordon

4th C.A.D., R.C.O.C

GNR. G. G. Black

70th. L.A.A. Battery

PTE. Len Faubert

27th C’oy, C.F.C

L/BDR. J.  D. Grant

1st L.A.A Battery


Orville Ashley ( Lost With “ Levis “ )

Nipigon Boys Serving In Canada

Gnr. C. W. John

B. Battery, M. P. O. 1001

AC1 Will Kirkpatrick

R.C.A.F., Patricia Bay

Chief P.O W. E. Simmons

 E.R.A. Naval Barracks

R. E. Williams, Sto. 1

H.M.C.S Stadacona 4

R. Clements CKs.

H.M.C.S Vencedor

TRPR. A. Co’y

James Porter, STO. 1


GNR. J. G. Maxymow

56th Heavy Battery, R.C.A.

PTE. E. E. Rajala

C.A. (1) T.C., C.F.C

PTE. Wilbert Maki


PTE. Maxwell Martin

Current River Barracks

GNR. Law. Sault

GNR. D. M. DeLaronde

29th Field Battery, 24th Regt.

CPL. Edgar Turner

A  15, C.I.T.C., M.P.O.

PTE. J.T. McCullough

Valcartier, Quebec

A C2  Douglas Ring

A C2  Sjolander, A. A.

Course 65, Flt. B

TPR. F.S. Meadows

A  9  C.A. C. (A) T.C.

Ray Clement

H.M.C.S. Givenchy

Leo Gerard LAG. (O.C.)

H.M.C.S. Royal Road

PTE. A. E. Westerland


PTE.  E.E. Duffy

Fort Osborne Barracks

PTE. E. J. Montsion

Current River Barracks

L/CPL. Geo. Perrin

Camp Shilo

CPL. Frank DeFazio

16  Bde., Group Co’y, R.C.A.S.C.

PTE. J. D. Ainslie

Port Arthur

Reino Salo

Leonard Grover

Elmer Johnson

Miss Joan Martin

C. R. Skillen


The following have been in Service and have either, due to Active Service or Health, returned to civilian life.

Steve Gerrard

Ted Price

John Dampier

Gilbert Martin

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