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From: The Evening News-Chronicle, Port Arthur, Ontario

April 24, 1942   Page 4

Intimation has been given recently that an important war industry is to be located in Manitoba.

Since this war began (the) attitude of The News-Chronicle generally has been that  there should be no interference with or pressure of any kind used on government authorities  to the end that particular areas benefit by necessary war industry but, in this case, it does look as if the government might find it more profitable to consider the Nipigon area for its new enterprise than the proposed site in Manitoba.

The Winnipeg Free press, discussing the plans for what it describes as a $100,000,000 war plant, admits that there are difficulties with regard to power supply to be overcome in the Province.  It says “ To get the plant Winnipeg has to show that it can supply a minimum of 80,000 horse power of electrical energy.  This Winnipeg cannot do at the present .”

The Winnipeg paper then goes on to discuss the alternatives, describing the Seven Sisters development as one of the most practicable.  But even there, according to the same authority, it would be necessary to spend $5,000,000 blasting out rock.  The Free Press says “If many thousands  of tons of rock were removed the generating capacity of the Seven Sisters plant could be increased by 50,000 horse power without the installation of additional equipment.  Neither the City Hydro nor the Winnipeg Electric Company now has funds available to finance these undertakings.  It is assumed that if, as and when  the government decides to build in Winnipeg it will arrange to help finance the power plant extensions.”

The Nipigon power area, which includes Port Arthur, could present a much more attractive picture than that.  An additional 100,000 horse power could be developed on the Nipigon River with much less expenditure than apparently necessary in Manitoba.  It would not be necessary to blast out $5,000,000 of rock for a dam at available and now unused falls.  Only a fraction of that blasting would be necessary for the building of a dam and the remainder could be used for installation of equipment,  so that the power seems much more available on the Nipigon.

Furthermore, much of the raw material for the plant proposed in Manitoba is apparently to be brought into the country. Nipigon or the Port Arthur area because of their harbors could offer shipping attractions which are not available in Manitoba.

Furthermore, if the plan is to scatter the essential industries Nipigon still has it attractions.

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