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The Original Beardmore Relics are in the R.O.M. (Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto.
(Last report in Viking Era Exhibit but we have no information about how they are being accounted for.)
These "replicas" survived the Nipigon Historical Museum Fire of February 11, 1990, (Museum Blog Post 'What do You do When Your Dreams Catch Fire?") even though their display case was completely consumed.
The sword handle did crack apart, but that was the only change to these items. Whatever the material used to make the "replicas" it's fire-proof.
You are going to see a little lump of material attached to the "Wrangle" -(so called by the R.O.M.) - that is how this item was attached to a Plexiglas sheet.

The "Wrangle"

Showing how thin the "Wrangle" is.

The "squished" end.

The other end.

The other side view.

An end view.

An end view.

This is the flat part , an inch wide.

Another view of the flat part of  "Wrangle", it extends 24 cm. between ends.

Getting a view of the eye.

The Sword
Showing the handle break.

Portion of "sword" showing groove.

End of "sword" handle. The depth that can't be seen is 2cm. The visible left
is 1 and a half cm; the right is 1 and a quarter cm.

I took the above item and set it upright
 and photographed it showing gaps on either side of the "handle".
It could be the way the "mold" was made.
I have a request to see what the other joint looks like.

The Axe

The Axe

The Axe sitting up.
The End.

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