Sunday, 3 May 2015

Gearing Up For The Nepigon


In the Time of the Gentlemen Anglers

Circa 1890’s

W.T. Whitcher’s Guide:

The Kit:

ü  Tents

ü  Axes

ü  Hatchets

ü  Knives

ü  Tin candle-sticks

ü  Candles

ü  Folding camp bedstead

ü  Or canvas stretcher

ü  Or make your own with boughs


A regular canteen for cookery:  

ü  Utensils – eating and drinking

ü  Pails – inside for drinking – outside for boiling

ü  Wire grid-iron

ü  Baking pan

ü  Dutch oven

ü  Extra kettle

ü  Tea pot

ü  Coffee pot

ü  Dishwashing pan

ü  Coarse towels

ü  Yellow soap



ü  Ample

ü  Warm

ü  Stowed in oiled duck dunnage bags




ü  Woolen

ü  Durable

ü  Stowed in soft leather valise

ü  Overalls

ü  Water proofs

ü  Laced ankle shoes

ü  Water-tight boots – thick soled – thigh high

ü  Tarlatan veil - for bugs

ü  Gauntlets – for bugs

ü  Mixtures of coal oil and tar – for bugs

ü  Ungent compound of camphor and Vaseline – for bugs


Toilet articles plus: 

ü  Pins

ü  Needles

ü  Thread

ü  Buttons

ü  Tape

ü  Wax

ü  Hooks and eyes

ü  Scissors



Whiskey is not recommended.


ü  Tea

ü  Ground or condensed coffee

ü  Flour

ü  Fat pork

ü  Smoked and spiced bacon

ü  Corned beef

ü  Ham

ü  Lard

ü  Salt

ü  Butter

ü  Corn-meal

ü  Oaten-meal

ü  Biscuits

ü  Pea-flour

ü  Corn-starch

ü  Rice

ü  Potatoes

ü  Onions

ü  Pickles

ü  Salt

ü  Pepper (white and red)

ü  Baking powder

ü  Soda

ü  Condensed milk

ü  Canned preserves

ü  Canned vegetables

ü  Canned meats

ü  Tongues

ü  Lemons

ü  Lime juice

ü  Vinegar

ü  Maple sugar and sirup (syrup)

ü  (and anything else you fancy)

Eked out by fish twice a day

Pipes and tobacco if you smoke.

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