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FUR TRADE: The French regime

FUR TRADE : The French Regime

One of the best writers for the “feel” of the Fur Trade was Louise Phelps Kellogg, Research Associate of State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

The French Regime in Wisconsin and the Northwest”, published by The State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, 1925


L.M. “Buzz” Lein found the following pages to have information relating to our “Nipigon”  history;

Pages: 96, 154, 226, 237, 313, 336, 382 and 114.

Page 154, describes Allouez’ plans for a journey to visit the Nipissing Indians in retreat North of Lake Nipigon, 1667.

Page 237, has Duluth’s brother, la Tourette at his post on Lake Nipigon, circa 1688, (Ombabika Bay area) “ tapping for the French the greatest fur-bearing country on the continent.”

Page 313, Prior to 1750 the French were bent on opening a route to the Western Ocean, “Therefore they maintained posts on Lake Nipigon and Kaministiquia.”

Page 336, When la Verendrye was in charge of his post on the Nipigon he heard  local tales of “a great salt water in the West.” They even drew him a map which he and his sons used as they started west in 1731.

Pages 381-382, Wherein the “Posts of the Nipigon” were on the list of “Most important” for the French Fur Trade.

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