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WALLEYE - Habitat degradation

WALLEYE – Habitat Degradation factor

From The Status of Walleye in Nipigon Bay Area of Concern: 2012

Prepared for Environment Canada  by Terry Marshall  Marshall Consulting  March 31,2013

Factors related to the Walleye decline in Nipigon Bay

Habitat degradation

In a historical review of Nipigon Bay Walleye, Wilson[1991] detailed the many habitat alterations that affected this population.  The logging industry contributed through damming, deforestation, sedimentation, the accumulation of wood fibre, bark, and other organic matter from historic log drives, and DDT contamination.  The creation of hydroelectric generating stations segmented the Nipigon River isolating fish populations and the altered flow regimes affected stream bank stability, sediment load and the quality of fish and wildlife habitat.  Effluent discharges from municipal sewage treatment plants and a kraft pulp and paper mill were also implicated in the demise of the walleye fishery [Ryder 1968]

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