Thursday, 16 March 2017

William McKirdy, Overseer at Nepigon

Mr. William McKirdy, Ontario Government Fishery Overseer at Nepigon

In 1880, William was appointed overseer for the Department of Fisheries, responsible for Lake Nipigon, the Nipigon River and adjacent waters.

 He succeeded Newton Flanagan who had spent half a century as a Hudson’s Bay Company employee before retiring to St. Paul.  Flanagan’s first report from Red Rock concerning the Nipigon Fisheries was made in 1887.  The salary in both cases was $50 per year. [from Elizabeth Arthur, History of Thunder Bay District 1821-1892].

 In the Province of Ontario Sessional Papers Vol XXXIII part 1 Session 1901, reported for Thunder Bay;  Wm. McKirdy, salary, $100, fish overseer for the Nipigon. [ The salary had doubled in 10 years.] The sessional papers also reported; paid to Wm. McKirdy, rental of tents, camping outfits, etc. $39.75.  To pay for supplies, etc., $65.19;  wages to guides and rental of canoes $120.00.  Totalling $221.94.

Submitted by J.G.M. McKirdy  February 2017

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