Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Menu


March 3, 1922  Madison Square Gardens, New York City

The following is the actual MENU served that day. They had very exciting “names” for their dishes.

I am not too sure of the “actual” existence of the “List of Antiques” , though some do have “credits”.



“Cloy the hungry edge of appetite by bare imagination of a feast.” – King Richard II


Northumberland Oysters  “Compliments of Premier Walter E. Foster of New Brunswick.”

Bisque of Ptarmigan Yukon …Celery…Olives…Salted Nuts

Hudson’s Bay Ice Fish saute Penelope

Loin of Buffalo  “compliments  Canadian National Parks, Department of Interior, Canada.”

Puree of Chestnuts

Flap Jacks Labrador …Maple Sugar Syrup

Pate of Beaver Huron Fashion  “Compliments Jack McKirdy, Nipigon, Ontario – Guide.”

Salad Eskimos

Snow Ball…Assorted Cakes

Café Noir

Drinks and Smokes a la Carte


Curtis’ Alligator Tails

Grover’s Bear

Prince Harry’s Rhino

Admiral Peary’ Polar Mice

Buffalo Jones’Catalo and Persian Lamb

Corbin’s Wild Boar

Worcester Sea Cucumbers

Allen’s Mountain Cat

Lieut. Greely’s Coffee …taken from 1881 Cache at Fort Conger, Arctic Circle, by Admiral Peary.

Capt. Kleinschmidt’s  Polar Bear and Walrus

Earl Gray’s Tiger

Galpin’s Copex Smilo Fantasticos

Canadian Mountain Sheep

Whale Meat, Monkey, Boa Constrictor, Etc., Etc., Etc..

Martinettas  Roti  (Compliments Col. Brainard, U.S.A.)

G.N. Bosworth, Canadian Gold Eye Fish

Whale, by L.G. Armstrong

Skil, by H.R. Charlton

Wild Cat, by Harry Allen

This whole Canadian Camp pamphlet courtesy of John McKirdy , 2018

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