Friday, 6 April 2012


Photo taken before cabinets were built(2008) sits on the blue floor of the museum.
Cedar strip canoe with narrow ribbing to increase strength.
Used in turn - of- the -last - century tourism industry of North-East Lake Nipigon watershed.
This one didn't get away... it spent its declining years in a shed.
Others like it are returning to the forest floor.
This one was likely built after 1914, by Quebec canoe company for Sears.
Built on a metal can see how the nails crimped as the cedar strips were nailed on.
The up-turn ends point to the use in white water.
The narrow stripping shows intended use for heavy cargo, not a quiet life of leisure paddling.
Canoe donated by Len Clarke , Beardmore, formerly of Auden.
This canoe is one of a number of canoes owned/used by Colonel Deeds (see Deeds Lake north of Geraldton). The canoes were left on individual lakes in a series of lakes, ending at Auden (1920's -30's)
Deeds required fresh supplies daily/weekly from HBC and CN train. Orders and Native employees were sent on this route. The canoe was used for many years then stored until being donated to the Museum in 2000.

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