Monday, 30 April 2012


We've had a request to see what Nipigon looked like in the 1950's.

Centre store is Alex's Radio and TV and right is the Liberty Cafe.
Today the far left is the Nipigon Historical Museum;
 the centre store is the Thrift Shop run by the local Churches; the far right is vacant.

This looks over the Canadian Pacific Railway.
 The above photo is centre of this street.

This is 4th Street 1948. Partly business and partly residential.

Front Street looking farther to the left of the first photo.

Showing Plaza Theatre, right; Hotel Normandie left;
 centre was assorted, restaurant and ?
Plaza left, Eatons next.

Car dealership, 1957; today Mac's Mart

Photo by Brompton Pulp and Paper.
Makes Nipigon look flat when most of this is up-hill.
The Nipigon Cafe on the bend of Railway Street is still operating today
.All the buildings to the left are gone. All the buildings to the right are gone.
Photos from E.C. Everett album. Nipigon Historical Museum Archives.

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