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PAGWA photos


Bishop Neville Clarke photo 1941
The Church is Anglican.
View to the north.
Courtesy A.L.K. Switzer
Photo copied by L.M. Lein March 1984

Pagwa, Ont. ca. 1921
Revillon Freres freight dock at river edge
where goods brought down funicular railway were loaded into the waiting scows
. Note tracks and barrels beside. Looking north before ice-out in spring.
Original photo by Emile Cote and was in possession of A.L.K. Switzer
Copy by L.M.Lein March 1984

Scow building operations of Revillon Freres. All scows built in winter;
 to be water-tight and ready for spring loading
 and descending the Pagwa River to the Albany and out to the posts at the mouth.
Foreground: a Mr. Kane, construction foreman.
He was in charge and came from France.
Completed scows are stored out of the picture.
A.L.K. Switzer Longlac/Orillia
Copy by L.M.Lein March 1984

Pagwa, Ont. 1941
Bishop Neville Clarke photo
Junction of Pagwachan River and the C.N.R. tracks.
Funicular Ry tracks and scow loading wharf at river's edge on the far side.
The original Church was the HBCo cookery of 1932.
Courtesy A.L.K. Switzer Longlac/Orillia
Copy by L.M.Lein March 1984

Loading dock with a scow load.
The woman and child are at the river end of the funicular railway.
It was here that the goods were loaded into the scows.
Date: early 1930's
Photo by Bishop R. Clarke
Was in possession of A.K.L. Switzer Longlac/Orillia
Copy made by L.M.Lein March 1984

Revillon Freres scows moored on near bank.
HBCo moored scows on far bank.
The power boat on the far bank is HBCo. It burnt two years after acquisition.
Circa 1925 Emile Cote Photo and information
A.L.K. Switzer  Longlac/Orillia
Copy by L.M. Lein March 1984

Pagwa River at Pagwa c. 1921
Revillon Freres power boat. 150 hp engine with propeller in tunnel.
Used between Pagwa and Mammamattawa.
Mr. Coward, manager for Revillon Freres on the bow and wearing shirt and tie.
Emile Cote holding the pole on the stern.
Coward was en route to James Bay to make an inspection of Revillon posts.
Original photo was in possession of A.L.K. Switzer
Copy made by L.M.Lein March 1984

HBCo scow being readied for loading (1941)
and eventual dispatch to Hudson's Bay -  down the Pagwa
to the mouth of the Albany River.
Bishop Neville Clarke Photo
Courtesy A.K.L. Switzer Longlac/Orillia
Copy by L.M.Lein, March 1984
Albany Post, James Bay, about 1941.
Sailing vessels on James Bay. Main lug sail and jib.
One of the ways in which freight was distributed
 from Albany River to other posts on the Bay.
This is how the goods from the Pagwa scows reached their ultimate destination.
Only a couple scows would return to Pagwa laden with furs.
The remainder would be salvaged for timber and building materials at the Bay.
A.K.L.Switzer Longlac/Orillia
Copy by L.M.Lein March 1984

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