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The C.P. photographs that may have gone with some of the S.O.S. presentations.

The old CP Station in the distance

1916 the water tower is visible just to the top right of the building.

Sheds along siding 1946

Photo of Front Street taken from the water tower, the spout is lower left.

Water tower right. Consumers Co-Op centre.

Water tower 1948. Consumers Co-Op left

Men waiting on CPR lawn near station.

Men waiting at the CP station

More men waiting to go somewhere.

When Bill Milne talked about places not being there anymore..
.the building left and centre are what he is talking about..
 This is the Railway Street, Fifth and Sixth Street corner.

CP Station and landscaped right-of-way, 1960.

Mr. Otto took a lot of photos for post cards around 1964.
This shows Lake Helen with a log boom, at the top;
the Lagoon to the right;
and the Canadian Pacific railroad running through Nipigon.
The bright green top right above the lagoon, is the cemetery.

The Railway Police Force

The water tower on its last legs, 1970

E.C.Everett didn't need a train to do business
 before the highways went through.

Winter was a challenge.

looking west across the Nipigon River. The Canadian Pacific Railway Bridge.
Across the river the Canadian National (CN) line runs under the bridge.
The highway bridge crosses the river on the other side of the railway bridge.
1963 was the official completion of Highway 17 from Nipigon to Sault Ste. Marie.

The original C.P. station, Nipigon

The new station built in 1929.

Water tower in operation.

The new Nipigon Library and municipal offices,
 built to resemble the demolished CP Station.

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