Friday, 10 July 2015

Brook Trout Festival Weekend Coming Up

Nipigon Ontario is celebrating for three days, the 17th, 18th and 19th of July. They are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the catch of the World Record Speckled  Trout. has all that is going on. For most you need a $10 festival entry bracelet as a participant.
HOWEVER no bracelet is needed to visit the Nipigon Historical Museum which HOLDS the remains of the World Record Speckled (or Brook) Trout and all accompanying banners and exhibits and special guests. Our admission is Silver Collection of your choice.
Our Museum celebrations will continue to the Grand finale on Tuesday July 21, the actual date of the catch. On that date we will be inducting Dr. Cook and his party and Guides into the Nipigon Fishing Hall of Fame - something NEW we are starting.
As soon as this chaos is over I will be posting photos of our new displays and special loans we had.
During the celebrations the Museum will open an hour earlier (10 am) and run through till 8PM as usual.
We will have large (24 x 36inch) posters for sale in the museum only. After the 21st we will offer them on-line too.
The back room is being turned into our Heritage Fishing Gallery with seven foot pull-up banners that tell the story of the Catch and the catchers. Ed Mills' Paddle Pack and Speckled Trout DVD will be running along with special documentaries of the World Record Brook Trout and the River then and Now created by Rob Swainson et al. in partnership with Parks Canada.
Wood Carver Dennis Sinclair will be at the Museum every day of celebration tying flies and showing his jewellery and belt buckles (also for sale).
The Lake Helen Drummers will celebrate the Gift of the River Nipigon and lead up to the naming of the first inductees into the Nipigon Fishing Hall of Fame. (1:30 to 2PM Tuesday July 21)

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