Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Introduction Ceremony for Dr. Cook and Party commemorating the capture of the World Record Brook Trout Tuesday July 21, 2015
The Nipigon Fishing Hall of Fame is being established to recognize persons or organizations that have made significant and lasting contributions to the heritage of fishing in the Nipigon area.
One hundred years ago today, the world’s biggest brook trout was captured in the Nipigon River.  It continues to be the record today. It is the second longest angling record in existence. ( Answer your question? It’s a perch! )
The Nipigon River brook trout has played a huge role in shaping this community.  Nipigon was world famous for 70 years before the capture of the world’s biggest brook trout.
However it is the capture of the world’s largest brook trout that has kept Nipigon famous for the past 100 years.  The benefits to our community have been enormous and for that we are grateful.
We acknowledge this contribution today and honour the following angling party and guides who were part of this memorable event by making them the first inductees into the Nipigon Fishing Hall of Fame:
Dr. J. W. Cook
Rod Byrnes
Joe Fife
Robert Neeland
Andrew Lexi (represented today by Norma)
Rafael BOudain
Joe Hardy ( represented today by Clara)
Sam King
Michel Bouchard (represented today by Terry)
John Ogama
Louis Musquash ( represented today by Leona )
Jim Shuse

Lawrence Martin ( represented today by Susan)

The first of many to come as the years pass.

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