Monday, 26 December 2011


Composed by E. C. Everett,
Nipigon, Ontario

Published in the Souvenir Edition Nipigon Historical Museum Welcome newspaper, June 1982

Ours is a Town on the River's bend,
Where Highway eleven and seventeen blend,
At the most Northerly point on the 'Circle Route',
A place for a King or a roustabout.

The Canadian National Railway ,
 looking north to Lake Helen on the Nipigon River.

Our Town was known in the early day,
As a Trading Post of the Hudson's Bay,
Where the white men came to meet the Red,
And sold their goods for fur instead.

For years and years it went that way,
Until at last there came a day,
When a need for pulpwood, fish and ore,
Brought new prosperity to this shore.

The Tourist trade was at its height,
And all the future looked so bright,
For there were Trout and Big ones too,
And Moose to hunt and Caribou.

Two Railroads came when times seemed best,
To this Northern point to meet the West,
Where a mighty River and the Largest Lake,
Are North and South of the place I spake.

Alexander Dam, downstream from Cameron Falls Dam.

A call for power to fill industry's needs,
Brought the best engineers with all their deeds,
To find a place to build a Dam,
And where do you think? - Twas the Falls at Cam.

Ogoki Diversion Dam north of Lake Nipigon.
Spills water south.

Of power plants we've yet but three,
They serve every surrounding Community,
And they serve well their timely need,
Great Pulpmills, elevators and cities they feed.

With rocks and hills along the River's shore,
Till rain and snow will fall no more,
Our Town will grow till time is done,
You'll know this place is Nipigon.

Paddle-to-the-Sea Park

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