Tuesday, 17 January 2012

More INDIAN ROCK PAINTINGS , Northwestern Ontario

From : The Archaeology of Northwestern Ontario  1  The Prehistoric and Fur Trade Periods
1980 Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (2012 ministry)

Figure 17 page 16.

Indian Rock Paintings from Cuttle Lake near Rainy Lake.  The numbers must refer to individual paintings that have been identified in that region. They figure the Blackduck and Selkirk Indians were probably the originators of the magnificent Indian Rock Paintings, hundreds of which adorn the vertical cliff faces throughout the region.

Getting closer to the Manitoba border the Bloodvein River has delicate looking Rock Paintings as evidenced in Figure 18, on page 20 of The Archaeology of West Patricia  Voices From the Earth: A 7000 - Year Outline  circa 1981   Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (2012)

West Patricia covers about 90,000 square miles in Northern Ontario bordering close to Manitoba." It is a vast area that still has mysteries to reveal."

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