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The Seven Men

The Crosses
Memorial Observance service February 15, 2009

At the time of their burial, one week after the accident of February 15, 1909, in St. Mary's cemetery on Second Street, Nipigon, no relatives were present. Over the years the seven white crosses weathered, and crumbled, so that today only four remain. These were placed into the keeping of the Nipigon Historical Museum by Rev. McClure. On Sunday, February 15, 2009, a Memorial Observance for these seven men was held during regular service at St. Mary's Anglican Church. The story of Knut Bjorneset's life was read and a prayer from his family was said for them, while they held a vigil at their homes in Norway marking the same time as our ceremony in Nipigon. A prayer from a Swedish church minister was also supplied and read at the service.

The Burial List:

  1. Anton Wilhelm Gustafson, born 13th of December 1864. Homeplace: Hjerphagen (farm), Fared (village), Mariestad (municipality), Skaraborg (district), Vastergotland (county), Sweden. His cross survives.
  2. Nils Sten Mansson, born 28th of November 1869. Homeplace: Vinslov (village), Hassleholm (municipality), Skane (county), Sweden. Foreman. His cross survives.
  3. Magnus Andersson, born 10th of March 1872. Homeplace: Bosebyn (farm), Gunnarskog (village), Arvika (municipality), Varmland (county), Sweden.
  4. Knut Alfred Lundqvist, born 16th of October, 1879. Homeplace: Torahult (village), Nobbele (town), Vaxja (municipality), Kronoberg (county), Sweden.  Homeplace after one year old: Goljahult (village), Linneryd (town), Tingsryd (municipality), Kronoberg (county) , Sweden. Foreman's helper, his cross survives.
  5. Knut Tobias Bjorneset, born 4th of March, 1880. Homeplace: Bjorneset (farm), Straumshamn (village), Volda (municipality), More and Romsdal (county), Norway.
  6. Oscar Emanuel Sjoblom, born 1st of April, 1884. Homeplace: Sodermallm (city-district), Stackholm (city), Stockholm (municipality), Sweden. His cross survives.
  7. Oscar Emanuel Lundgren, born 1st of February, 1887. Homeplace: Skilsaker (farm), Tyndero (village), Sundsvall (municipality), Vasternorrland (county), Sweden.

A special thank-you to Gunnar of Norway for his diligent research to find these men a homeplace and now a place in our history as well. When crosses fall, who is to remember. We are so lucky to have had Gunnar bring these men back to us.

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