Monday, 20 February 2012

Present Successors to Father Allouez, continued

Trust me, there is a beautiful view, I just happened to take this in the snowstorm .
This is the historic marker dedicated on June 25, 1967 for the Mission to the Nipissing.

This is the 1967 list continued from the Tercentennial Mass in Nipigon June 25, 1967 POST

Father G. P. Maurice
Father B.A. Mayhew,
Father R.C. McElligott,
Father J.A. McHugh,
Father J.E. O'Flaherty,
Father J.N. O'Neill,
Father J. Popelka,
Father A. Rolland,
Father E. Trainor, and
Brother N. Vandermoor.

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