Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Mrs. M. Johnson Tracy...letter to L.M.Lein 1976

"Another memory I have is of a Valentine costume party given by Mrs. Barker for the children. I remember my father wanted me to go as "Queen of Hearts."

"I was born in Nova Scotia. At the time my father was a window dresser in Boston. My mother didn't want me born in the U.S.A. so they came home to Nova Scotia and that is where I she died. My Step-mother, a very wonderful mother, is the mother of the Nepigon days" .(1906 -08)

"My mother made me a white silk dress, very nicely done, and my father cut out red velvet hearts for around the bottom etc. He bought me a lovely pair of red slippers and made me a beautiful gold crown, with a red velvet top with hearts around it."

The invitation read (partly) "...  in the drawing room".

"Of course in those days you had "parlors", so I was intrigued by this. All the way to the party I kept thinking of all the drawing I would be able to do on the walls with a piece of chalk."

"I didn't tell this story of my disappointment to my mother until I was a young woman."

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