Friday, 3 August 2012


From a 2006 Interview with DZ
Nipigon Historical Museum Archives

It was good growing up in Nipigon.

It was very innocent times.

It was a time of having lemonade stands on the main street and making 25 cents and running next door and spending it.

We had an outdoor rink.  You had to cross over where the old CPR station used to be and then there was a trail through there in the winter-time. A hard trail that you just walked on over to the rink. The one we remember is the one over on First Street, and we went skating every night and then we would gather in this old shack with the pot-bellied stove to get warm and take off our skates.  We played all sorts of games on the ice and came home about nine o'clock and went to bed, and that was it.

They were good days.

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