Friday, 24 August 2012


From an Interview with E.Walker, 2006
Nipigon Historical Museum Archives

"While we lived at Alexander Landing we had a girl that was our neighbour's child and she was about three years old and her mother came looking for her."

"She had been playing outside with the kids. We found her down at the little ravine and it was November and there was a drift of snow and it was a really cold day that day and there was just a gathering of snow. Anyway,  in front of our place you went down a little hill where the creek ran through, we found this girl down there with her head laying in the water at the creek and it was November and it was really cold."

"So, anyway, all the Hydro employees were very well trained in CPR and first aid so we brought the girl up to our house and I called the hydro operator and I said, "We've got a real tragedy down here, we found a girl and I think she drowned!"

"We thought she had drowned because her head was laying in the cold creek and she wasn't breathing and there was no pulse or anything.  So, anyway, the Hydro guys all came and I remember they ran into the clothesline and sent it flying!  But, anyway, they all came in and laid the little girl on our living room floor and they started CPR and we got blankets and hot water bottles and stuff to put on her feet. Then we called the doctor in Nipigon who was Dr. Jeffrey at the time, so he and a head nurse from the hospital came out to our place and there was no heartbeat or pulse and the little girl was as cold as could be."

"Of course the house was full of people and everybody was working on the girl and they all took turns and the doctor came out into the kitchen and told me to put a pan of hot water on the stove and he gave her what he said was the last resort. So he sterilized a big needle and he gave her a shot in the heart and low and behold if that girl didn't come around! No kidding!"

'Because she was dead and that she did start coming around, they took her up to St. Joe's Hospital in Thunder Bay. So, anyway, everybody said that this girl would have brain damage because there was no heartbeat and no pulse for, gosh knows how long, and I don't even remember , but it was a long time she was out. So we were all saying what a shame, but, anyway, the only bad effects that happened from that accident was that we burned her feet from the hot water bottle!"

"She later became a nurse and she had no ill effects to her brain or anything."

"So, what I gathered from that accident was that there was a medical document written up in a medical  book about how she had been pronounced dead and how they had brought her around again and they had thanked all the Hydro guys that had worked on her and the doctor and the nurse that came out."

"So that was a really traumatic thing that had happened and we had the only telephone down at those three houses which was why they brought her into our place."

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