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Well, it DID and then again it DIDN'T.

Looking Back One hundred years ago

DAILY NEWS: Port Arthur April 1, 1912


MacKenzie & Mann have men surveying at Alexander Falls for big proposed power Development.

(Cameron Falls got the first dam in 1920, it was 1930 before Alexander dam went into operation)

Hope that Pulp Mill may be built there (Nipigon) - Some see a population of Ten Thousand in Next Five Years.

(The Little Mill of Nipigon went into operation in the 1920's - Red Rock started in the 1930'3 and got really operational after the war - the population of Nipigon never came close to that increase -)

Nipigon, Ontario, April 1, 1912 ... A dozen or more men in the employ of MacKenzie &Mann left Saturday for Alexander Falls, about 12 miles from here, on the Nipigon River, to do  survey and preliminary work on the proposed power development which it was announced a few days ago that this company would undertake in anticipation of the building of large pulp mills here or at Port Arthur.

It is generally believed here that the industry is a certainty and many hope that this point will be decided upon as its location.

As a consequence of the probable industrial development real estate holdings have already increased in value and convenient properties are in big demand.

Some of the optimistic ones can see a population of ten thousand within five years.


So, here we are one hundred years later, 2012  - Red Rock mill is closed; The Nipigon Little Mill closed in the 60's and was taken down; The Plywood Mill of Nipigon burnt some few years ago  and never rebuilt; all three hydro dams are still in operation.

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