Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Birch Bark craft for use and for show. On display at the Nipigon Museum.

Birch Bark Sheath with knife.

Both home made.

Just sheath, but it has a belt loop.

Birch Bark hat, coming a little bit undone.
Writing says made by Birch Bark Alex

Detail of a "Moose Call" made of Birch Bark.

About 20 inches long.

Birch Bark slippers.
 These are 12 inch tiles on the floor.
Bottoms show some wear.

The larger ones were made in the 1930's and survived the Museum fire of 1990.
The smaller ones have Nipigon on the side and were made as a souvenir.

Detail of larger canoes.

End detail of larger canoes.

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