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photo from George Nicholson, The tug Ombabika on Lake Nipigon,
 at Revillon Frere post in Ombabika Bay. ca. 1915
Buzz Lein interviewed George Nicholson at Red Rock, Ontario September 22, 1983 and made a copy of Mr. Nicholson's 1919 agreement with Revillon Freres Company.

Date April 22, 1919


Name: George Nicholson

Trading Company limited

Note - This is a copy of an original agreement in Nicholson's possession. It's only one ever seen by the writer (Buzz). Note that the date is for 1919. Refer to an official road map of the Province of Ontario to find out where these fellows were. And do not forget that they had to come BACK the same way they went down. Note the wage offered. This was good money - but the days were long and the mosquitoes and blackflies both numerous and huge.(end note)

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT entered into triplicate at NIPIGON on the 22 day of April 1918 (1919)
Revillon Freres Trading Company, Limited, a corporation having its head office in the city of Montreal
Hereinafter called the Employer of the first part
George Nicholson
(hereinafter called the employee) of the second part.
1. The Employer hereby engages the services of the employee, and the Employee agrees to carry out certain work and conditions hereinafter set forth.
2. To present himself at the railway station of Franz in Ontario provided with his bedding, on the 29th day of April 1919, and from there to proceed with others, under the direction of an agent of the Employer to the boat-building and transportation plant of the Employer at a point about two miles east of the Pagwa Station on the Canadian Government Railway. This plant will hereinafter be referred to as Pagwa.
3. To carry out while at Pagwa any work around the camp which may be required by the Employer's officers to do, which work may be more particularly described as follows:
(a) Unloading freight from Railway cars and storing it in the warehouse.
(b) While not engaged in handling freight, to do whatever other work may be required of him, which he is capable of doing.
(c) Load the scows with freight from the warehouses.
4. To assist, when the scows are loaded, in floating them down the River to points which he will be instructed, and during the continuance of this work to direct all his efforts to save the scows from harm, and , in case of accident, to do all he can to protect the cargo from loss and damage. He also agrees he will use the pumps or any other means to keep the inside of the scow as free as possible from water.
5. Upon the arrival of the scows at their destination, to assist, in discharging and warehousing the cargoes.
6. In consideration of the work being done faithfully and well the Employer agrees to:-
(a) Pay to the employee, the sum of One Hundred and Twenty-Five Dollars ($125) for the whole of the time his services are placed at the disposal of the Employer, provided that the return of the Employee to Pagwa, after the completion of the work shall not be later than June 15, 1919. Should the carrying out of the work covered by this contract of the return to Pagwa to be delayed beyond said date, an addition of Two Dollars ($2) per day will be paid.
The payment of said wage will be made by an agent of the Employer at Franz upon the employees return after completion of the work and from the total will be deducted the total of advances in cash or merchandise, or both, which may have been made to the Employee, or on his order, during the term of the contract.
(b) Pay the cost of the Employees transportation between the point at which he is engaged, and Pagwa,both going and returning from Albany to Pagwa.
(c) Pay the Employee an amount of One Dollar ($1) per day for the time taken in travelling from Franz to Pagwa, and from Pagwa to Franz on the return journey to cover the cost of food with which the Employee will provide himself.
(d) Provide the employee with food from the time of his arrival at Pagwa throughout the continuance of this contract to the time of his return to Pagwa.
(e) Provide sleeping accommodation, in a tent or otherwise, and cooking and eating utensils to be used at Pagwa and throughout the work on the route to Albany. Such tent and utensils to be returned to the Employer in good order and condition (fair allowance for wear and tear being made) at Pagwa.

In witness thereof, this agreement has been executed in triplicate on the day and year herein before written:
Signed, Sealed and Delivered
in the presence of
A. Lafrance

Agent of the Employer

his mark

G. X. Nicholson
George Nicholson red Rock September 1983

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