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For more than fifty years, E.C. Everett chronicled the history of Nipigon in photographs, from the opening of churches and commercial establishments to the Royal Visit, the logging and pulpwood Industries, the building of the Trans Canada Highway, and the Prisoner of War camps.

E.C. was an agent for Tip Top Tailors and a commercial photographer. His business, known as The House of Everett operated from a number of different locations. His first store was at the site of the Plaza Theatre, and his residence was behind it. By 1930, he was down the street by Fred Sanderson, the fur buyer.

Everett was also a showman, known to walk on his hands, juggle, and write poetry. " My poems are right from my thoughts of experience and observation; my photos also have contributed to my memory. Church hymns have given me the rhythm, so I have only just gathered the fragrance and the flowers, as it were, and I have only tied them together." (Letter, September 3, 1971)

After he passed away in May 1984, his daughter Ruth donated several thousand photos to the Nipigon Historical Museum, most of which survived the 1990 fire.

Taken from : An Historic Walk Through Nipigon, B. Satten 2003

ECE 3 - 4 The Juggler

ECE 4 - 11  The Entertainer

ECE 5 -1  The Portrait

ECE 17 -10 Hat's Off To Nipigon

ECE 68 - 3 The Stilt Walker

ECE 68 - 13 The Organist

ECE 112 - 1 The Sense of Humour

ECE 115 - 8 The SMILE

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