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"The Nipigon River is composed of many small lakes and swellings in the 25 mile distance from Lake Nipigon to Lake Superior, a drop of 250 feet.  The early Engineers must have named these small lakes after their sweethearts. They are mostly feminine names as described in this poem"...E.C.Everett , February1975


The little Lakes all held a party they called it Gossip Day
Lake Nipigon was the meeting place, near Sunset Orient Bay
Big Chief was staff recorder
While Ombabika Bay called the Lakes to order
Now Josephine was Guard of Honour
Where she lived supreme in House of Bonner.
They appointed Susie to the chair that day
From Shakespeare Island - assisted by Gull Bay.
Now Jessie came from Poplar Lodge
Through the Apostle Islands she had to doge
Elizabeth and Maria then joined the Gossip fray
At Nipigon House they paused a while, then on to deep Grand Bay,
The stream at Pine Portage was so swift and so wide
For six miles of rapids - no canoe-man could ride.
Then Split Rock spoke up with head in the sky
To check on foaming Rapids as White Chutes passed by,
The President then was Virgin Falls who held the Lakes at bay,
And gently poured the Silvery stream that flowed toward Nipigon Bay
With Ruby Lake and Shadow Creek they made a wonderful display
They all joined hands together and called it "Gossip Day".
Now Polly sailed from Steamboat Bay
To join twin Helen on this memorable day.
To halt Fraser Lake who was running away
To join those Deer Maidens at Nipigon Bay.
The trout in Bass Lake were alerted as well
'Cause these Maidens were coming their party to swell
At Chalet Lodge they had a meeting that day
With respect to Alexander those maidens would pay.
Now what these Gossipers talked about was everybody's wish
The Tourists came for scenic rides the Sportsmen came to fish
And all have found it worth their while to see these Maiden Lakes
Enhanced by roads unspoiled by time
They're yours these" Nipigon Lakes"

Composed by E.C. Everett, Nipigon, Ontario

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