Monday, 30 July 2012


Fred McIntyre photo  NMP 1006
Nipigon Causeway Construction

Dr Herman Bryan
Nipigon Tramway Dinky Engine
circa 1908-1910

Nipigon Causeway construction
Fred McIntyre photo
NMP 1005

Engineer cabin somewhere on the North Trans-continental Railway construction
Clyde MacDiarmid Photo NMP1039

Unknown railway station T.C.R. circa 1913
Clyde MacDiarmid photo
copied by L.M.Lein 1978

Causeway completed, showing Lagoon
 created from Nipigon River cut-off.
C.N.R. construction

NMP 1003
Nipigon Causeway Construction
Photo: Fred McIntyre
Dominion Construction Co.

NMP 1004
Fred McIntyre photo
Nipigon Causeway construction

NMP 1065
Mr. and mrs. Clyde MacDiarmid circ 1913
North Transcontinental Ry. construction in North Central Ontario
Clyde MacDiarmid photo
copied by L.M.Lein June 1978

Mrs. Alice Ateill photo
Old Bridge over CNR  at Nipigon Marina

Mrs. Alice Atwill photo
Nipigon Causeway
Lagoon left and Harbour right

Clyde MacDiarmid home on T.C.R. construction about 1913
Clyde MacDiarmid photo
copied by L.M. Lein 1978

T.C.R. construction, N. Central Ontario
Sawmill set-up circa 1913
Clyde MacDiarmid photo
copied by L.M. Lein 1978

North Central Ontario T.C.R. construction
Clyde MacDiarmid photo
copied by L.M.Lein, June 1978

Standard log cabin
T.C.R. construction, North Central Ontario
Clyde MacDiarmid photo
copied by L.M.Lein June 1978

T.C.R. construction N. Central Ontario
C. MacDiarmid second from left.
Clyde MacDiarmid photo circa 1913
copied by L.M. Lein June 1978

Moving dirt, North Transcontinental Railway construction 1913
location not known
Clyde MacDiarmid photo
copied by L.M. Lein, June 1978

Double track CP and CN along the Nipigon River/Bay
between Nipigon and Red Rock

Clyde MacDiarmid photo 1913


  1. I don't know if Dominion Construction Co. was involved in the building of the Canadian Northern Railway. Most of the work was done as you say by Foley Bros. There were subcontractors that built the grade, I believe Johnson Brothers were subcontractors on the Canadian Northern east (north) of Nipigon.

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  3. About 1992 I was researching some history of industrial railways in Ontario, at the Archives of Ontario, when I came upon a list of some 15 steam locomotives used at the Alexander Falls during the construction of the Hydro dam in the 1920s. Most of the same locomotives were used on the Abitibi Canyon Hydro Dam that was built by Dominion Construction Co. 1930-1932.

    While I am not trying to suggest that Dominion Construction was a contractor on the Alexander Falls Hydro Dam, it seems more likely that these photos showing the equipment of Dominion Construction, relate to the construction of the H.E.P.C. plant than of the railway, although Dominion Construction Co. were railway builders too.

  4. Northern Railway, I think you mean Canadian Northern Railway. There were other railways in Canada with Northern in their title, but they were in no way connected to the Canadian Northern which was the name of the railway that ran from Hornepayne to Port Arthur.