Friday, 7 December 2012


Freight-Passenger-Commercial Fishing Vessels of Lake Nipigon

As remembered by Adolph King, Rossport, Ontario , 1974

From the Nipigon Museum Archives:

There was a small, 40 foot steam tug which was built in Rossport, Ontario, named "Arla".

This was purchased by the Department of Indian Affairs office for the Indians to use in their fishing operations of Lake Nipigon.

"Arla" had a fore and aft high pressure engine and upright Fire tube boiler, with speed of approximately 4 nominal horsepower.

The remains of this craft are not clear but at the north end of Lake Nipigon.

This was built for the fishing industry in Rossport, Ontario, about 1907, and shipped to Lake Nipigon by rail in 1912 or 1913.

The engine was built by Mr. Baker who was chief engineer of the government survey boat "Bayfield" which was operating in the vicinity of Rossport in 1907.

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