Monday, 17 December 2012


Freight-Passenger-Commercial Fishing Vessels of Lake Nipigon

As remembered by Adolph King, Rossport, Ontario , 1974

Nipigon Museum Archives

The "Janet B." was railroaded to Lake Nipigon from Fort Francis for Commercial fishing. Originally the "Janet B." arrived at Lake Nipigon, 43 feet in length in 1917.

In the winter of 1917 -1918 it was cut in two and 12 feet was added to her length making her now 55 feet in length. Also the name was changed to "Blink Bonnie" and a larger engine and scotch boiler was installed to handle the now larger vessel. The engines now had the speed of 8 nominal horsepower fore and aft, and a scotch boiler. The engine was from Poulson Iron Works in Toronto and the single screw unit was sold to scrap dealers.

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