Friday, 7 December 2012


Freight-Passenger-Commercial Fishing Vessels of lake Nipigon

As remembered by Adolph King, Rossport, Ontario , 1974

From the Nipigon Museum Archives:

The next was a steam tug named "King Fisher".

This tug was a tow tug operating in  Pulp and Logging. By 1927 it was the most powerful on Lake Nipigon ranging about 70 feet in length.

It was taken from Lake Nipigon and railroaded to the town of Nipigon being now powered by diesel but out of service. It was moored at Nipigon under the present ownership of Domtar wood Industry .( Buzz Lein has a correction here - "Never owned by Domtar. Nipigon Lake Timber was the last owner. Bought from them and towed to Lakehead by a guy called Saxberg...about 1975."

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