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Do You Have A Book On The History Of Nipigon?

You don't have to work long at our local Public Library before you hear that question coming at you.  Some year the Librarian's face may light up with a smile and answer, "We sure do!"
 We have come close with the Kelso-Demers' book, "Our Living Heritage,The Glory of the Nipigon" but that book is just the tip of the iceberg, giving little teasing chapters on our vast and magnificent history. It will make you look for more.

However, until that day, the following list of books will give you a sense of our area's history, a feeling for the times, the background setting for our past.

This list had the heading "Buzz's Shelf". That name hails from the early '70's when I was librarian and Buzz could never re-locate the books he read and liked and wanted to recommend to others.

Every summer I would pull these books from their normal shelf spaces, place them all together in a conspicuous location and tape a "Buzz's Shelf" label under them.  This satisfied Buzz but frustrated the smart card-catalogue-user to no end.

DD = Dewey Decimal Number ( may change)

  • Algoma 100  Diocese of Algoma 1973  DD 971
  • Anderson, J.W.  Fur trader's Story  Ryerson 1961 biography
  • Armstrong, W. Early Days on the Great Lakes M&S 1971  DD971.05
  • Arthur, E. Thunder Bay District 1821- 1892  Champlain Society U. of T. 1973 DD971.312
  • Barkhouse, J. George Dawson: the Little Giant Clarke Irwin 1974 DD971
  • Berton, P. The National Dream M&S 1970 DD 385.0971
  • Berton. P. The Last Spike M&S 1971 DD 385.0971
  • Bertrand, J.P. TImber Wolves Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society 1997 DD338.1
  • Blackwood, H.G. My Canadain Journal 1872-1878 Longmans 1969 DD971.05
  • Brennan, Louis Artifacts of Prehistoric America DD732.2
  • Campbell, M.W.  The Nor'westers  Macmillan 1966 DD971.2
  • Campbell, M.W.  McGillivray: Lord of the Northwest  biography
  • Chappell, E. Narratives of a voyage to Hudson's Bay on His Majesty's Ship Rosmond DD917.03
  • Clautier, Jean-P. Fort William - food related artifacts Ft. William Arch. Project 1976 DD971
  • Cumby, John R. Historic Fort William  Mika 1974 DD971
  • Currelly, C.T.  I brought The Ages Home  Ryerson 1956  DD571
  • Dawson, K.C.A.  Algonkians of Lake Nipigon  an archaeological survey Nat. Museums of Canada 1976 DD970
  • Dewdney, Selwyn  Indain Rock Paintings of the Great Lakes DD 970
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography DD920.07
  • Encyclopedia of the Indains of Canada DD reference
  • Geological Survey of Canada  Early Canada  DD971
  • Grant, George M. Ocean to Ocean  DD971.03
  • Hall, E.  Early Canada Gov. of Canada 1967 DD971
  • Hannon, L.F. Forts of Canada  DD971
  • Jeffreys, C.W.  The Picture Gallery of Canadian History vol. 1,2,3, DD971.002
  • Jenness, Diamond  Indians of Canada U. Of T. 1977 DD971
  • Johnston, J.  Wilderness Women  Peter Martin 1973  DD920
  • Kane, Paul Wanderings of an Artist among the Indians of North America DD970.412
  • Kellogg, L.P. The French Regime in Wisconsin and the Northwest Cooper Square 1925 DD971
  • Landes, Ruth  The Ojibway Woman  Norton 1971 DD 572.970
  • Littlejohn, D.  Superior the Haunted Shore  Macmillan 1975  DD917
  • Long, John  Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter and Trader  DD970.1
  • Macdonald, R. Canada II the Owners of Eden Ballentrae 1974 DD970
  • Macdonald, W. Out of the Wilderness Scribner 1926 DD819.2
  • MacGillivary, G. A history of Fort William and Port Arthur Newspapers from 1875 DD971
  • MacKay, Donald  The Lumberjacks McGraw Hill Ryerson 1978 DD634.9
  • McKenney, Thomas L. Sketches of a Tour of the Lakes  Ross Haines 1959
  • Marsh, James  The Fur Trade  Collier MacMillan 1971  DD971
  • Mitchell, D. Lady Lumberjack  Mitchell Press Vancouver 1967 biography
  • Newton-White, E. Gillmor of Algoma  biography
  • Nute, Grace L. The Voyageurs' Highway  Minn. Hist. Soc. 1965 DD971.2
  • O'Meara, W. Daughters of the Country  DD301.42
  • Packard, Pearl  The Reluctant Pioneer Palm 1968  DD971.05
  • Quimby, G. Indian Culture and European Trade Goods U. of Wisc. 1966 DD970
  • Quimby, George  Indian Life in teh Upper Great Lakes  1100BC - AD 1800 DD970.477
  • Rankin, L. The Nonsuch Clark Irwin 1979 DD971
  • Renison, Robert J.  One Day at a Time Kingswood House Toronto 1957 biography
  • Rich, E.E> The Hudson's Bay Company 3 vol. 1670 - 1870 M&S 1960 DD971
  • Ritchie, Cicero T.  Runner of the woods Macmillan 1966 DD971.01
  • Robbins, Maurice The Ameteur Archaeologist's Handbook HarRow 1974 DD913
  • Strickland, Helen  Silver Under the Sea Highway Book Shop 1979 DD971.312
  • Superior: Portrait of a Living Lake Har Row 1974 DD917
  • Syme, Ronald  Bay of the North DD910.09
  • von Kirk, Sylvia  Many Tender Ties  Watson D&D Winnipeg DD 971.2
  • Warren, William History of the Ojibway Nation Ross & Haines 1974  DD970
  • Waters, Thomas F. The Superior North Shore  U. of Minn Press1987 DD333.7
  • Wilson, C. Adventurers from the Bay  DD971
  • Wright, J.C.  Ontario Prehistory DD971.13

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