Thursday, 25 August 2011

Nipigon Dock Area, assorted views

Diagram from the Red Rock House dig.
 Shows where the original old dock pilings are from the time of the Hudson's Bay Company Dock.
A piece of the old dock piling came up in August 24th 2011, dive to clean-up the old tires
 (used as bumpers for the boats)

A fly-over photo. The two buildings in the centre were warehouses from way back.
Sort of in the general area of the current Marina office, 2011.

About 1942 showing the Boat Houses and buildings in the 'Mud Flats' area.
Lake freighters in the Bay, Red Rock mill on far shore.

Brompton Pulp and Paper Company, dealing with a sunken boat.

Nipigon River still flows in its original bed. The Hudson's Bay Co.
 Red Rock Post is in full swing so it is likely 1870"s.

Photo from the air, showing Lagoon.

This map shows the flood hazard areas of the waterfront.

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  1. what was the colours on the old Brompton Pulp And Paper boats? I have a little 28' boat named the Brompton Caribou and I may consider doing it in original colours.