Saturday, 20 August 2011

World Record Brook Trout

Assigned the World Record in 1916 by Field and Stream no one has topped it.

Caught By Dr. Cook ,  July 21, 1915
Fourteen and one half pounds. Near the Virgin Falls area of the Nipigon River, Rabbit Rapids.

Split in two and mounted on birch bark, originally, it went through a series of remounts. The museum fire of 1990 destroyed all but a possible small piece of gill. Most of the mount structure remains and is on display in the Nipigon Historical Museum.

Coming up this Labour Day Weekend is the Nipigon Fall Fishing Festival the fishing tournament is mostly based on mystery weights and draws so you don't have to catch the biggest to win. The Museum will be open so do stop by and see our displays.  Also hope to have some fishing photos up on Facebook

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