Monday, 15 August 2011


Copper tools. Part of the McCollum Collection.  The discovery at Reflection Lake on Highway 11, north of Nipigon in the 1950's was unique in North America in that it contained stone and copper tools. Usually it was one or the other in these kinds of sites.
A broken tip, a broken notch. Do you think anyone will admire our garbage in 7000 years?

Copper, the new-comer, a mere 3,500 years ago. Used in decoration, and tools, and weapons.

Lithics by the thousands . Scrapers, drills, knives ,(that will still cut paper), dart points (arrowheads), lance tips stretching back over 7000 years.

The pottery sherds give us a 1200 year occupation of South Bay on Lake Nipigon.

Fur Trade Exhibit

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