Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Murals of Nipigon painted by Dan Sawatzky

Racing the Train
The old Nipigon CP Railway station built in 1929, existed on mid-Front Street.
 It was demolished in October  1982 despite a valiant effort to save it by a local committee.
Painted by Dan Sawatzky, July 16, 1992

This mural is on Kinson Millworks, Railway Street, Nipigon.

This mural depicts Mr. Zechner
 returning with a full truck from the blueberry patches, 1937.
Three times a week in blueberry season Mr. Zechner would make a run to Duluth winery.
This mural is on the wall beside Zechner's Ltd., Railway Street , Nipigon.

Log Drive
After WWII, the pulp and paper industry boomed &
 the Nipigon River was one of many area rivers
 used to drive logs downstream to the waiting mills.
This Mural is on the Nipigon Legion Hall.

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